I am a devops engineer with experience in AWS Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes and Linux. I work on freelance basis on cloud migration and devops. I can work as a DevOps Engineer, DevOps L3 Support, DevOps Architect, AWS Engineer, AWS Architect. I can support applications built on .Net, Java, PHP and Linux platform.

In past, I have worked as a Windows System Administrator, Linux Administrator, VMWare Engineer, Cloud Engineer and DevOps Engineer. I can migrate your office infrastructure or your data center infrastructure on Amazon Cloud.

I have supported Business applications like HRMS, Payroll, eCommerce, Email System to name a few, I have provided support on both Windows and Linux platforms, I am good with Windows Server, UBuntu and CentOS.

I accept freelance projects like Docker Engineer, Kubernetes Engineer, AWS Engineer, VMWare Engineer, I can help you in setting up cloud environments and to monitor and maintain the same.

I work remotely from Kolkata, India, I am available from 3AM UTC till 11 AM UTC.

What I love to do

I love work, I am a workaholic, if I dont work around 8 hours per day, I feel bored, I never sit idle, on weekends, I learn upcoming technologies, I read technical books, I read articles from different websites and blogs, I love to keep myself updated.

As for work, I love being a support engineer, I love when people call me and say – hey man, this service is down, it sounds me like war trumpets and I love digging in deeper and fixing the problem, as early as possible. I compete with myself, I always try to reduce the downtime, every second counts.

I have also worked as a programmer on technologies like PHP and ASP, I have earlier built various websites using these technologies, some of them includes social networking websites, ecommerce, b2b marketplace and some bespoke applications.

I love automation and Artificial Intelligence, I always try to automate support tasks using automation, and I have been successful on some of them, I have helped many of my monitoring team engineers in automating regular support activities.


I am a system engineer with 15 years of experience in managing servers, virtualization, cloud and DevOps.

I have worked for IT companies, as System Administrator, Support Engineer and Cloud Engineer. I have worked with people with different countries and cultures.

Here are some of the technologies I have worked in Past –

  • Cloud
    • AWS
    • IBM
    • Azure
  • Server OS
    • Windows Server
    • Linux (Centos, UBuntu)
    • Solaris
    • Sco Unix
  • DevOps
    • Git
    • Ansible
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    • JUnit
  • Virtualization
    • VMWare VSphere
  • Database
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
  • Programming
    • ASP
    • PHP
  • Scripting
    • VBScript
    • Powershell
    • Shell Script


Freelance Remote Employee – Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, VMWare, Hosting

If you are looking for a freelance, remote employee on the following technologies, then feel free to hire me. Devops – Docker, Kubernetes CICD – Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform Cloud – Amazon EC2, Linode, Azure, IBM Hosting – Windows, Linux, CPanel, Helm, Plesk Virtualization – VMWare, HyperV Programming – PHP, ASP.Net, C# In past, I have worked …


Feel free to contact me at hello@rajivlodha.com