Who is Rajiv Lodha

I am a System engineer with experience in Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Linux, Windows and VMWare.

I also work as a freelance software engineer or software developer for technologies such as CICD, Laravel (PHP), Android(Java) and iPhone (Swift), you can hire me on part time or full time basis.

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15 Years of Working Experience

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Hire Me

You can hire me as a DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, AWS Engineer and Mobile Developer

DevOps Engineer

I have earlier worked with Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Ansible, hire me as InfraOps Engineer or Site Reliability Engineer

Software Engineer

Hire me as a Software Engineer, I work with Laravel / PHP and databases as PostgreSQL, MySQL

AWS Engineer

Hire me as an AWS Engineer, have 8 years of experience working with AWS Cloud, can manage both Linux and Windows vms

Mobile Developer

I develop mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile, I can maintain prewritten apps or create new from scratch

Past Roles

Here is a basic overview of my past responsibilities, for complete details, please refer to my CV.