Bitcoin Hacker Scam

From past few weeks, I have been receiving emails from unknown persons, claiming that they have hacked my router and caught me watching porn websites, and recorded live videos from my webcam, the persons are asking for money through Bitcoin.

Earlier I used to receive such emails as Text, I created an email filter with the keywords mostly used, it stopped for a while, but it started coming back again, at first I could not understood how did the email pass through my filters, but later I noticed that the email message was being sent as an Image, white background was used, so it was hard to detect.

I searched through google about this email and I see many people had reported that they had received similar emails, the from and to email addresses were same, so I updated my spam settings, and it stopped such emails.

I had stored all such emails received and I was going through them, I noticed that while all emails had the same message, but the bitcoin address was different, I also checked the email headers and I found that all emails were being sent from email servers from different locations, some being compromised server and sometimes using free email providers.

This is a great example of social hacking, emails are being sent out to masses, asking ransom through bitcoin, so mostly all people who believe this email would signup with Bitcoin and purchase some coins to send. I also investigated whether the given bitcoin address had received any funds, and I did not find any transactions happening on these bitcoin wallets.

I also received emails which contained my email address and password, but these password were being used by me when I was a student, and I used simple passwords, it was back in 2000, when websites stored passwords as plain text, so if you are using passwords which you had used before 2005, kindly change your password and make it a random, complex sequence.

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