Docker vs VMWare

Ah, an interesting topic which I have been searching for while learning Docker, i did not find something easy to understand, so here is what I have for you:

Docker Vs VMWare

Before starting to compare, let us first understand what both of these technologies are:

Docker: A daemon, which runs on a host system, runs child processes which are compatible with Host system, in an isolated environment, the good thing is, Docker is both available for both Linux and Windows platform, so if you want to run some Windows apps inside a container, you need a system with Windows Server 2016 and Docker EE. Same for linux, Docker supports various Linux distributions like RHEL, CentOS, UBuntu and Amazon Linux. Please note, you cannot run Windows containers on Linux and vice versa.

 VMWare VSphere: VMWare VSphere is a virtualization technology, which runs on a Hypervisor, it creates a virtual pc where you can install any operating system (for example – Windows or Linux) and then manage it just like a machine. Your applications run in a complete isolated environment, but your applications also need a Guest Operating System, a layer which you need to create for every virtual machine you spin off.

Docker vs VMWare: The Big Difference

Assume that your company requires 50 Windows Applications where each of your application requires 2GB of RAM and 50GB of disk, lets see how much does it costs on both scenarios.

Requirements of Our Applications –

 Operating System RAM Disk
 Windows Applications 2 x 50 GB 50 x 50 GB
 Total  100 GB  2500 GB


With Docker, you rent a Single server for Windows Application with config as 120GB of RAM, 250 GB of SSD for Server Operating System and a NFS volume of 2.5 TB, you are good to go.


On vmware, apart from the above requirements of your applications, you need to add more RAM and Disk, to support guest operating system, so the calculations would be:

Operating System RAM Disk
 Windows Applications 2 x 50 GB 50 x 50 GB
 Guest OS 2 x 50 GB 30 x 50 GB
 Total  200 GB  4000 GB

So, if you proceed  with VMWare, you are going to spend 100 GB of extra RAM and around 1250 GB of additional disk, the example was of only 50 applications, assume that it was 1500 applications, where do you save more?

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