Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled most common questions asked by employers, please go through them, if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


What hours you are available, are you available in US Day Time, UK Day Time, Australia Day Time

Please take a look at my availability, I have provided my available timing in different time zones.


Are you available in Christmas, New Year Eve, 4th July

Yes, I am available, I work full time in Christmas, New Year and other days, you can check my availability.


We want to hire you, but we dont want to make payments in advance

Its Ok if you dont want to pay me in advance, please send me an email and i can provide you some ways to be on safe side like using Escrow.


What is your response time

In my working hours (hours agreed as per our contract). I respond to phone calls immediately, answer emails within 5 minutes, I am always online in my working hours.


What kind of projects you have worked for

For each role, I have provided all required details, kindly go through them.


How can we Hire you

You can hire me as per your terms and conditions, part time, full time, on call basis, short term, long term as per your choice.


Will you sign an NDA

Yes, I will.


We want to hire you anonymously or we dont want you to inform others that we have hired you

Its Ok, I wont share your name, but I might share what technologies I worked for, if OK with you.


Do you have security clearance

No, as I am a citizen of India by birth, my Nationality is Indian, so I cannot obtain any security clearance of foreign nation. If your country allows a security check for foreign national, I will provide all required details


Do you need any devices from us

No, unless you are hiring me as a Test Engineer, for rest of the work, I have required devices, but for Test Engineer role, if you have any requirement of testing your software on a particular device, I might ask you to provide that or pay for that, for rest of the roles, you dont have to worry.


How can we contact you after Hiring you

You can contact me through Phone Call, Email, Skype, Slack.


Can you work as an On Call Engineer

Yes, but only for 6-8 hours per day, you can point your software to send me alerts as per my work schedule.


How many hours you can work in a Day

Strictly 8 Hours, but I might extend it if there are any emergencies.


Tell us about your LAB or your work environment

I have Laptops & Desktops with 24-32GB of RAM, i7 processors, Macbook Air, iPhone, Android phone, Samsung Table and iPad with which I work or test applications, for a detailed list, feel free to email me. I always update my devices with latest security/software updates, all my devices have antivirus and are protected by firewall and other tools.


More Questions?

If you have more queries feel free to contact me.