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Hello and Welcome,

I am a system engineer from Kolkata, India and I am presently work as a DevOps Engineer for Docker, Ansible, Linux and AWS. I have earlier worked with Windows Servers, Vmware, SQL Server and LAMP. I am also a gem collector and you may find some posts on Gemstones in my blog.

About Kolkata

Kolkata (Calcutta) is the city in which I live in, its situated in East India, capital of West Bengal. Bengal is famous for its curry recipes and for Darjeeling, a very popular hill station of North East India. Darjeeling is few hours away from Gangtok, its also a great Hill Station. Darjeeling Tea is famous all over the work and is mostly grown in Darjeeling and Siliguri areas.

About India

India is my country, Hindu, Sanskrit, Hindi, Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Kamasutra, Buddha, Mahavir, Jain, Palaces, Rivers, Himalayas, Ganga, Guru are some of the things which happened in India. Our country is divided in 29 States and 7 Union Territories and each state has its own language, all of which are derived from the mother language – Sanskrit.


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