Linux Engineer

I have 10 years of experience in working as a Linux Engineer, you can hire full time Linux Engineer for $30 per hour, minimum billing is 40 hours per week and payments needs to be made in advance, you can pay me through ACH or Paypal, please see payment page for more details.

I learned Unix during graduation, our college had Sco Unix server with dumb terminals, I learned basic operation and bash scripting on Unix Platform, I did my internship by maintaining Sun Solaris for an organization, I also evaluated Solaris 9 for that organization and with this knowledge, I learned Linux.

I had evaluated many Linux variants as a Freelance consultant, I have evaluated Mandrake, Caldera, RedHat, Suse, Debian and UBuntu as File Servers (Samba), Web Servers (LAMP) and Application Servers (Tomcat).

I can work as a Linux Engineer for Applications developed with PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl and Go. I can also support MySQL and PostgreSQL, Tomcat, DoveCot, Exim, pureftpd, bind and web servers like Apache, NGinx etc. I can work as a Linux Engineer for Baremetal Servers and Cloud based machines and can configure them accordingly. I also have experience in maintaining WHM/CPanel servers on CentOS.