Technical Recruiter

I have 7 years of experience in working as a Technical Recruiter, you can hire a part time Technical Recruiter for $150 per interview, payments needs to be made in advance, you can pay me through ACH or Paypal, please see payments page for more details.

I have been recruiting / interviewing people since I worked as a Senior System Administrator, it is not possible for HR admins to understand the level of experience a person has in terms of technology, I have been doing this on a part time / as required basis.

I have worked as a System Administrator / System Engineer and have worked with various technologies like Cloud (AWS & Azure), Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, VMWare, Linux & Windows Servers to name a few.

I can help you to determine a persons overall understanding of a particular technology, whether he understands what he is required to do and whether he would be a good fit for the role offered.

Do ping me if you need to hire a DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Linux Engineer, VMWare Engineer, Windows Server Engineer. You may hire me as a full time or part time technical recruiter, I prefer working remotely and can adjust my work timings as per the candidates timezone.