What I love to do

As a Engineer, I love to work on setting up environments and maintaining them, I love designing systems, implementing monitoring and automating tasks which repeats/required frequently.

Here are my desired job roles

SRE – I love to work as a Site Reliability Engineer, With almost 15 years of work experience in managing hosting environments on different platforms – Windows, Linux, VMWare and Cloud, I have a better understanding of how the system works, what may go wrong and what should we be prepared of.

Cloud Engineer – I have 7+ years of experience in working with AWS Cloud, I do have some experience with Azure and GCP, but I prefer AWS, its simple and everything in AWS is available, to stimulate your own data center in your desired location (or region). You don’t have to wait for any hardware, no worries for hardware failures and with a relevant support subscription, you can target for a 100% up-time with AWS (if configured correctly).

I also love writing scripts, I love working with Bash, PHP and VBScript (CScript), with ELK, I am now trying to learn Elastic Search, and some full stack development tools. I use these technologies for my personal projects.